As Atış Global, we established Atış Yapı in 2006 the powerful, innovative and dynamic brand of the real estate sector. Atış Yapı brought new vision with well-planned life projects that are worth investment and will add happiness to life. Our brand will continue to exist with our valuable customers and investors.

In 16 years, we have brought together thousands of houses with their owners, and in each of our projects, we offer our investors; We have gifted quality of life, trust and investment value.

With the year 2021, Atış Global created new projects, new investments, new brands and corporate group structure.
Atış Global Companies continue to realize its investments in real estate, shopping-retail, entertainment, tourism, finance and technology sectors in 2022, with its many innovative solutions, new brands and investments it has brought to the sector, We are building the future, you should be in it!

Since 2006, Atış has been workinf on countless small, medium, and large-scale residential projects. Overtime, it has gradually come to forge itself a vision that is built on reliability, living well, quality, value, and sustainability, and has made a name for itself as a company of many firsts.

It invests heavily in cutting-edge technology and in grooming its team to be as well-trained and professional as possible (the true secret to its success!) – hence, why people love and trust it so much. Within the past 16 years alone, it has built close to $1.6 billion USD worth of living spaces (2,000+) and 130.000 m2 shops/commercial units across Bursa, Turkey. Locals best know it has the company that builds homes that people actually want to call home.