Atış Global: Your Trusted Partner in Real Estate Investments and Elite Healthcare Services

Atış Global stands as a global conglomerate, renowned for offering reliable solutions in real estate investments and premium healthcare services. With a solid presence spanning 17 years, we specialize in residential development, introducing it as an investment opportunity to the international market. The rapid increase in housing prices in Turkey presents a unique opportunity for foreign investors. In today’s diversified investment landscape, if you’re questioning “what is the fastest-earning investment?” or “what is the safest investment instrument?”, real estate emerges as the clear answer. And when it comes to the question of “in which country is the most logical real estate investment made?”, Turkey undoubtedly takes the lead. At this junction, Atış Global steps in to provide answers.

In the realm of real estate supply, Atış Global collaborates with global solution partners, while domestically, under the banner of Atış Yapı, we manage the sale and property management of our directly developed residences. Atış Yapı, a key component of Atış Global, has delivered the keys to over 2,400 residences and more than 300 commercial properties to date. We design affordable, high-quality, and well-located concept projects, continuing to produce modern mixed-use living spaces.

Echoing its reputable name in healthcare, Atış has launched Meditown Medical Center to meet international demands. Shared with a life and entertainment center, Meditown stands as a bold example of new-generation health centers with its modern examination rooms, specialist doctors, multilingual services, multidisciplinary approach, and patient-centric service philosophy. In collaboration with the Intercontinental Hotel, it integrates high-standard accommodation into its treatment packages. Turkey, attracting global attention for its cost-effective and high-quality healthcare services, alongside the historic and natural beauties of its 8,000-year-old city, Bursa, enhances the recovery process with tours to its famous healing thermal waters and baths, courtesy of Meditown.


Expanding Our Horizons: Real Estate Investment Opportunities Globally

Atış Global, with its widespread network and esteemed collaborations across Europe, America, Asia, and Africa, offers the most reliable solutions in global real estate investments. Post-purchase in Turkey, we provide a comprehensive consultancy service including property management, leasing, transferring, and selling, enabling you to complete transactions under the assurance of Atış without the need for international travel.

Global Offices for Localized Investment Expertise

We have expanded our reach to cater to investors worldwide by establishing offices in key cities: New York, Dubai, Kuwait, Baku, and Muscat. Each location boasts a dedicated sales team and offers professional consultancy services, showcasing real estate investment opportunities tailored to the unique economic landscapes of these regions. Atış Global’s international presence ensures that investors receive localized expertise combined with our global standards of excellence.

Why Invest in Turkey with Atış Global?

Turkey stands out as the country with the fastest-growing real estate value, offering a lucrative investment avenue amid today’s economic conditions where investment tools are fraught with risk. The significantly rapid increase in housing prices compared to the rest of the world positions Turkey at the forefront of preferred countries for real estate investment. The corresponding rise in rental income further accentuates the profitability of purchasing property in Turkey.

At Atış Global, from the initial step to the final phase, we are by your side, ensuring a seamless and rewarding investment experience. Explore the world of opportunities with us and secure your future with investments that matter.