1. Step: Get a tax registration

To apply online, visit the Interactive Tax Office website at gib.gov.tr. Click on the “Potential Tax Identification Number for Foreigners” link and fill out the form that appears completely. When you press the “OK” button, the system will provide you with a tax identification number.


  1. Step: Find Property

You need to purchase an apartment valued at $400,000. This apartment must either be completed or have its deed of construction servitude.


  1. Step: Open a Turkish Bank Account:

Documentation of transactions during the buying stage will be necessary. Original passport and tax registration number are required. An official document that shows your current address is required to open a bank account


  1. Step: Buy The Property:

Use a bank transfer and document the transaction by receipt. Get the title deed Registry and Notarised Sales Contract annotated with “Not to be sold for 3 years” as part of the requirement. After three years, you can sell your property investment in Turkey as your citizenship is guaranteed.


  1. Step: Obtain The Certificate of Conformity:

Provide the official valuation Survey and submit the bank Transfer Receipt. Apply to Ministry of environment and Urbanisation.


  1. Step: Apply For Turkish Residency:

Gather the required documents before applying for your residence permit. Apply to directorate general of migration management. The Residence is an important step to receiving your citizenship and eventual passport.


  1. Step: Apply for Turkish Citizenship by investment:

Gather the required documents before applying for citizenship. Apply to directorate general of migration management.


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